Joan Elizabeth

Clairvoyant and Palmist

Tel: 07966 193878

Postal Readings


Postal Readings are very popular option for clients who do not live close enough or have the time to visit me personally. I also have many clients who have moved away or whom I have seen at events throughout the UK, who regularly ask me for a postal reading.

Not only do they ask for a postal reading but when they tell friends and they hear the CD they too ask for readings. One client I have in the USA recommended me to a friend in Russia, who is now also a regular client.

I have regular clients in America, Germany, Holland, Macedonia, Vietnam, Quatar, Australia and many other countries as well as all over UK from the Isle of Lewis to Sussex

I record the readings onto a CD for you to play just as if you had been to see me.

If you wish to include palmistry then a good photocopy or photograph of A4 size, of your palms should be included together with a note of whether you are Right or Left handed.

Payments from abroad by Western Union

07966 193878