Joan Elizabeth

Clairvoyant and Palmist

Tel: 07966 193878



Palmistry or Chiromancy is an ancient art that can be traced back to Aristotle 384-322 B.C. and believed to originate in India.

A Palmistry reading will give an amazing insight into how you have lived your life and how life is affecting you and what is in store for you.

The background patterning on your hands and fingers stays the same all your life and is unique to you, for example your fingerprints. But did you know that the lines on your hand change as your life changes and how you have lived your life, and so show what the future holds for you?

So you have in your hands a record of past events and a prediction of what the future holds for you.

All aspects of your hands give an insight into 'You', the shape and length of your fingers, the back and the palm of your hand, how you hold them, how you use them when talking, in fact every feature of them.

I have done palmistry readings for many world famous sporting personalities and musicians, which have been published in the national magazines for their talent, and have also been published in books.,

I also give short palm readings for entertainment at Corporate Events, Weddings, Promotions, Parties, H.M.Forces, Themed events eg Halloween etc. I travel widely e.g. London, Birmingham, Nottingham, Leeds, Bournmouth even Gretna Green.

Personal and Postal Readings are for both Palmistry and Tarot and are put onto CD.

07966 193878